2018: The year I worked on everyday.app every day (and how it paid for my bills)

Yup! 2018 is almost history and it's that time of the year when we reflect about our yearly progress! :P

2018 was a great year for everyday.app. It's gone from the promising sideproject I barely had any time to devote to, to a small business that's paying for my bills. The app was also #2 Product of the Day on ProductHunt! I'm a bit closer to my goal of travelling the world by working on a relevant personal project that helps thousands grow a little bit every day :)

At a personal level, I've managed to create 3 really strong habits that stand out of the rest. To read 10 book pages every night, to do 50 push-ups before going to bed and to eat at least one fruit a day (mostly apples ;D). This is how my YearView for it looks like :D


Obviously my strongest habit is to work on everyday.app every day! (Ok, I skipped a couple of days, I'm human! But I can justify those skips!) It's supermotivating to look at it:

alt text

The conclusion is that consistency pays off. Not every day was I motivated, not every day was I focused, but the difference was that I still sat down and did a little bit of progress. It's not always about maximizing the productive days, it's also about minimizing the unproductive ones.

That's the power of habits. They cover for you when you don't feel like showing up.

Since you are inevitably going to set some new goals for 2019, let me remind you about the important basics when setting up new habit goals. You should make them SMART!

  • Specific: "Do 50-pushups" instead of "work out".
  • Measurable: "Read 10 pages" instead of "read book".
  • Achievable: The daily goal has to be realistic. Start small. "Do 5 push-ups", "Read 5 pages".
  • Relevant: Remember the "why" that makes you want to do it. "eat a fruit" to "eat healthier" and "feel better".
  • Time bound: Set a time for the habit. Schedule it. Do 50-pushups "before I go to bed". Eat an apple "when I walk to the gym".

Remember that you cannot consider them as habits until you don't need to be reminded! So insist on them, every day!

I do have high (achievable ;D) expectations and a strong product roadmap for 2019, so I hope working on everyday.app every day will help me make the product better for all of us to keep managing our habits and grow!

Cheers and happy habit forming 2019!