Day 1 of 7: Getting Started with Everyday

Welcome to Everyday's 7-day Challenge

Changing our behaviour is hard and we frequently approach it in the wrong way. That's why we've put together a little 7-day challenge to help you get started on the right foot, teach you the basics of habit science and accompany you to build your first strong and beautiful chain!


Building early habit streaks makes the difference between failing miserably and forming good strong habits to reach our goals.

Why are those early streaks so important?

That's because it's crucial to reach the threshold: the point where the feeling of breaking the streak is more costly than actually performing the little action. Once you reach the threshold, there's no way back!
So, can you beat the challenge? :)

Sure you can! Let's start here:

  1. Break your goals down into achievable daily actions, such as "do 3 push-ups" or "learn 5 french words". Start small.

  2. Make sure they are specific, so when the time comes you don't need to think, just execute.

  3. Start with one or few. Focus on those and don't up your game until you have a solid chain.

  4. Just do it!

Bonus trick: Track already existing habits and use them as the cue to trigger the habits you are trying to form. Your board will look more colourful, sooner. It feels great! :D


Remember, the quantity is irrelevant. What matters is to get started, to generate that impulse that gets us to perform the action, again and again, day after day. Mark as done even if you accomplished half of your daily goal.

Every day, no matter how little!

Every day, it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day, that's the hard part.

From BoJack Horseman

6 days to go!

See you tomorrow! :)