Day 5 of 7: Every Day, Everywhere

Yaay we're almost there! But it's too early for relaxation ;D

The importance of tracking our habits

By tracking your habits you've already taken a big step towards reaching your goals. Remember that habits will be formed wether you manage them or not. They account for 45% of our daily behaviours and strongly constrain the other conscious 55%. We shouldn't take this lightly.

The sooner we start, the better, since the older we get the more we have fired certain brain connections. That's why by getting older we find change harder. Thus, tracking our habits helps us keep a young spirit! To preserve the will to explore, be adventurous, learn new things and be generally curious. This is very related to open-mindedness. Instead of always firing the same connections we have made an effort to generate other impulses too, that help us empathize with more people and understand a wider scope of situations.

Managing our habits also helps us live in the now. It helps us enjoy the journey knowing that we are going in the good direction. Goals keep shifting with us, they move as fast as we do. Once we've set our habits, we can forget about our goals and focus on today, what moves us forward. We are confident that our goals will be achieved as a consequence of our good habits.

Tracking our habits gives us perspective. We see where we were, and where we are now: That progress is what motivates us to keep going.

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Everyday helps us get that perspective with beautiful data visualization of our efforts. However, tracking habits shouldn't feel like an extra chore. That's why we designed Everyday to take as little of your time and cognitive effort as possible. Tracking our habits takes less than 30 seconds a day!

Building the habit to track your habits

We know, we are going a bit meta here :) But forming the habit to track your habits is probably one of the very first habits you should be trying to form. Thankfully the effort to form it is rather low since it's so small, under the 2-Minute Rule!

I personally formed the habit to mark my habits just once a day, right before I go to sleep. It's a good moment for me to read through what I wanted to do and mark them. It's a single process that takes about a minute, helps me reflect on whether I'm in the right path and it feels like a closure to the day.

We know everyone is different, though, and that's why we prioritise flexibility. In Everyday you can easily mark previous days you missed to track, reducing the number of interactions you need to do to the bare minimum. This is important to note when your brain is desperately trying to save energy ;D


Everyday helps you form this habit by being super accessible. You can access it from your mobile app as well as from the web application on your desktop. The data will seamlessly synchronize between devices.

By using the browser extensions, you can set Everyday as the default new tab in your browser, making it a constant beautiful reminder of how awesome you are and serve as the cue to start your next habit. You can read more about the available devices on the devices page.

Finally, reminders are a double-edged tool. They are very useful in a few situations and very distractful on most of them. In Everyday, we only use them to help you get the early momentum and reach your first threshold. You can obviously also define custom reminders as cues to your new habits.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate"

Carl Jung

2 days to go!!!!

Hey, we are starting to grow fond of you, see you tomorrow!! :)