Hello everydayCheck's blog!

Hello World!

This is the first post on everydayCheck's blog and I'll just write about the progress in the last two months!

May was a very good month for everydayCheck. First, I validated the product. A lot of people found value in it! More people than I expected signed up for the $12/year subscription which really was an injection of motivation to keep working on the product and make it even better for all of us to reach our goals. I wanted to thank everyone for the several messages of appreciation and support! I'm REALLY happy to hear that the app is really helping you people!!

Additionally, everydayCheck was the trendiest startup of the second week of May on BetaList.com. This was great since, not only it brought a lot of traffic and new users to everydayCheck, but also, it helped validate that the people find value in the app!

everydayCheck #1 on BetaList.com!

The app also got featured on BetaList's list of best startups of May.

Because of all the traffic the application got, I received several emails of people saying that they'd really like to have the chance to try the app out before commiting their money. That's why, now that I know that people are willing to pay for it, I've decided to offer a 30 day free trial period!

The free trial comes with a lot of other new improvements, such as the email reminders to help people build the habit to check the app and keep accountable of their progress. I have also improved the landing page and added some more information.

The most important thing to me is that the app is not only helping me now, but also helping other people. It feels great.